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PostSubject: Characters.   Tue Dec 02, 2008 3:46 am

Bella Swan
Charlie Swan- Bella's dad who she stays with in forks
Renee- Bella's mom who lives in Florida and is divorced to Charlie
Mike Newton- classmate
Angela- one of Bella's friends
Edward Cullen
Alice Cullen
Jasper Hale- Edward's brother, can control the feelings of those around him
Rosalie Hale- the only member of the cullens that doesn't like Bella
Emmet Cullen- Edward's other brother
Carisle Cullen- the cullen's dad , works in a hospital, is imune to the scent of blood, and was the creator of most of his children
Esme Cullen- the cullen's mom, married to Carisle
Jacob Black- Bella's friend , a werewolf
Billy Black- Jacob's dad

More will be added as we progress in the series!
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