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 Fei Hikura

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PostSubject: Fei Hikura   Fei Hikura EmptyWed Dec 03, 2008 4:17 am

Name: Fei Hikura

Race: Shape shifter/werewolf ( like the Quileute’s)
Age: 17

Visual age: 18…sorta

Appearence: strangely has white hair, but isn’t an albino. Eyes are blue and skin is light in hue, and body structure is small but she’s still strong Fei Hikura Father_and_Daughter_by_FallonShadow

*Weapons:mainly her claws and teeth in her werewolf form, can wield a kwan dao from her days in China and training from her mother. Made special to be effective against vampires

Personality: Leans towards a happy personality, but will turn serious when necessary and angry if friends and loved ones are hurt in anyway. Is protective of her precious people.

Bio: Fei originated from China, where they too had shape-shifter wolves, though theirs are smaller, but faster as a result. Unfortunately the Volturi began trying to wipe them out, thinking that they were the other kind of werewolves and she was shipped off to America by her rich mother, sending her to Forks, Washington, where some of her father’s family happened to live.
Despite her mother buying her a place in Forks she often frequents the Quileute Reserve, feeling comfortable amongst the other werewolves there, and her father’s family. Is secretly afraid that she isn’t able to imprint like the males are, similarly to Leah. She turns into a snow-white wolf with deep blue eyes.

Other: has not imprinted yet, smaller wolf form but faster than average

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PostSubject: Re: Fei Hikura   Fei Hikura EmptyWed Dec 03, 2008 4:20 am

I am proud to say you are Accepted. Welcome to my Twilight RPG. May your every RP be a good one.
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Fei Hikura
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