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 Eliza Hughes

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Eliza Hughes

Eliza Hughes

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Name:Eliza Mellissa Hughes [born Eliza Mellisa Bellomy]
Age: 670
Visual age:15
Appearence:She has fair skin.Oval shaped face. Mid back length curly-red hair that she always wears down. Golden eyes (that all vegetarian vampires have). A slightly pointy nose and full lips.
*Weapons:(Character's weapon) ONLY FOR CHARACTERS THAT USE WEAPONS!
Personality: She's very graceful and a perfectionist. Eliza believes that every girl should be lady-like. She's very social and likeable. Eliza is a people person and loves to make friends. She respects all life and all people. But when in battle she may show no mercy.
Bio: Eliza was born on May 24 1323 in London, England. She lived through the Black Plague and watched both of her parents and her siblings die from the disease. When she was about 15 she contracted the virus and was on the verge of dying. A mysterious man that she met just days before saved her by making her a vampire. Over the century's Eliza lived only on human blood and roamed around the world alone,looking for new victims. Until the 1950's did Eliza go to Alaska to become a vegetarian vampire. She's been clean ever since. Now, she resides in Forks at the moment and attends Forks High school under cover as a 10th grader.
Other: Eliza has all of the regular vampire powers but she can also drain memories, abilities, and sometimes life and health out of victims.
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Approved, welcome
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Eliza Hughes
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